Nas – Illmatic Feature: 1.’The Genesis’

28 Feb

THIS STOPS ME FROM COMITTING SUICIDE BECAUSE…….Live in the Barbeque is an awesome track.

‘Illmatic is supreme ill. It’s as ill as ill gets. That shit is a science of everything ill.’

The Genesis (1:45mins) is a short introduction to Nas’ belief of the origins of hip-hop as a legitimate genre and his hip hop life. It begins with the sound of a passing elevated train, with some rhyming in the background. The background rhyming is Nas’s first ever recorded rap from Main Source’s ‘Live at the BBQ’:

Then starts the apparent beginnings of an argument. The heated conversation is between Nas and other members from his hip-hop group, ‘The Firm’. One is AZ and the other is unknown. They seem to have come back from a successful hustle,

Aiyyo yo, pull down the shade, man.
Let’s count this money, nigguh
Aiyyo Nas, put the Jacksons and the Grants over there
You know what I’m sayin?
Cause we spendin the Jacksons

There is a sample of a Wild Style (1982) soundtrack by Grand Wizard Theodore called ‘Subway Theme’. Wild Style is an influential movie to many rappers as it was the first major movie based centrally on hip-hop.

The dialogue ends with:

I’m saying man, ya know what I’m saying?
Niggaz don’t listen man, representing
It’s Illmatic.

Nas sees himself as the voice of reason in an area and generation of trouble and is summed up by his last lines.

Music Writer Mickey Hess sums up ‘The Genesis’ well:

“Nas tells us everything he wants us to known about him. The train is shorthand for New York; the barely discernible rap is, in fact, his “Live at the Barbeque” verse; and the dialogue comes from Wild Style, one of the earliest movies to focus on hip hop culture. Each of these is a point of genesis. New York for Nas as a person, ‘Live at the Barbeque’ for Nas the rapper, and Wild Style, symbolically at least, for hip hop itself. These are my roots, Nas was saying, and he proceeded to demonstrate exactly what those roots had yielded.”

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2 responses to “Nas – Illmatic Feature: 1.’The Genesis’

  1. Pep

    February 28, 2011 at 3:06 AM

    this blog is supreme ill! need to watch Wild Style…


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