Dumbfoundead (vs PH)

07 Mar

THIS STOPS ME FROM COMITTING SUICIDE BECAUSE…….his english is pretty good…. for a Korean.

Dumbfoundead is awesome. Watch.

Some of my favourites:

‘You and Superhead got the same last name’

‘He said being from the streets is something you forgot, but he’s still pumpkin… pumpkin from the block.’

‘You’ve been rapping 30 years to date. I’m surprised you didn’t start your round with my name is big p and I’m here to say.’

‘Stop rapping become a councillor or an english teacher, looking like King Latifah’

‘He rocks back throwback jerseys not because he is trying to. When he originally bought them those players were kinda new.’

‘I used to play super mario bros. at the arcade. He played super mario bros, the board game.’

‘…for acting like a faggot, spelled with a capital PH.’

‘You’re so old you were in the first silent battle.’

‘Grind Time should be excavating greats. Not this pumpkin that’s past its expiration date. PH and perpetuating hate, I’m burning this asshole, you should of had more Preparation H.’

‘I’m going to slap his pumpkin face and leave him with a pumpkin patch. You’re fucking fat. You need to pump some iron and do some pumpkin jacks.’

‘They’re letting champagne bottles pop after signing deals. You’re at Santana’s autoshop aligning wheels.’

‘I rap for Los Angeles the city of angels. I’ll run through your whole crew and leave your division with halos.’

Maybe my favourite dumbfoundead battle…

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5 responses to “Dumbfoundead (vs PH)

  1. DumbLover

    March 7, 2011 at 7:55 PM

    This guy’s a lyrical genius! He is my god!!


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