Daily Mail = UK Fox

29 Apr

THIS STOPS ME FROM COMITTING SUICIDE BECAUSE…….There is still too much racism in the world to stop to kill myself.

Ridiculous Daily Mail article on Barack Obama’s father:

Article suggests that Obama took so long to provide his birth certificate because he didn’t want people to know about his father. Rubbish. There have been articles about Obama’s father since before he was running for president and Obama has previously addressed these issues personally.

The most shocking implication is that one reason Obama’s father was a ‘slippery character’ was because his black father married his white mother in 1961 when interracial marriage was illegal in certain states.

Is the Daily Mail supporting racist out-of-date US laws? Another proof that the Daily Mail is trying too hard to become UK’s Fox News. Blatant racial prejudice is also worse than ‘chasing tail’.

A 2008 Nicholas Kristof article on Obama and his family can be used to destroy their argument beautifully:

Frankly, I worry that enemies of Obama will seize upon details like his grandfather’s Islamic faith or his father’s polygamy to portray him as an alien or a threat to American values. But snobbishness and paranoia ill-become a nation of immigrants, where one of our truest values is to judge people by their own merits, not their pedigrees. If we call ourselves a land of opportunity, then Obama’s heritage doesn’t threaten American values but showcases them.

An important reminder that unequivocally prejudiced media isn’t just prevalent in the United States.

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