[Korea] Overreaction or Justice?

17 May


From ‘Ask A Korean’ blog (Which I recommend):

The third most read article on ultra-popular Korean news site Naver was about some ‘foreigners’ who drank beer and played cards on the undeground:

A link to the original website for anyone who can read Korean:


First of all, I’m sure this is not anti-foreigner prejudice although it is not uncommon in Korea.

I was barely suprised that it was a popular news story (which suggests they were highly unhappy/suprised by their behaviour).
However, I was surprised by the fact that Korean-Americans were also disgusted by these people’s actions.

I have seen people drink and play cards on different forms of public transportation around the world. I would have agreed with ‘The Korean’ if the subway was completely full and they people were vying for airspace. Thus, I am surprised by the reaction of a man who has lived in a western culture since he was 16. If you look at the comments in the blog post, many others seem to agree with ‘The Korean’.

Note: I am also surprised this was a big enough event for someone to write a news article about.

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