Dynamite – Rock Paper Scissors Variation

23 May

THIS STOPS ME FROM COMITTING SUICIDE BECAUSE…….Regular RPS is boring and too much to do with luck.

Rock Paper Scissors gets boring after a while:

Here is a better variation – Dynamite!!!!


There must to be something to play for e.g. the last bowl of fufu
Need more than two players


You can play a regular rock, paper, scissors but now also dynamite (as shown above):

  1. If only  you have ‘dynamite’ you automatically win
  2. If more than one person have ‘dynamite’ all those players automatically lose
  3. If nobody has dynamite regular RPS rules apply

Playing for more than one item (Example)

Say there are two bowls of fufu to play for.
Say there are 4 players.
If three people play dynamite, they automatically lose.
The 4th player gets a piece of fufu.
Nobody gets the remaining bowl. Give it to charity, neighbour or someone passing by.

To improve your game

Think tactically
Take a course on ‘Game Theory’. I recommend Yale ECON 159.
Plan longer. Play for all the fruit in a large bowl. The winner of each round gets their pick of fruit and this continues until there is no more fruit left.


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