Champions League Final 2010/11- Important Battles

28 May

THIS STOPS ME FROM COMITTING SUICIDE BECAUSE…….this may be the most hyped football game since 1998 World Cup Final.

Nobody on either team is an unknown. However, the importance of Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Rooney and Vidic’s importance to the team is being constantly discussed and over emphasised. I have picked out 6 other players with VITAL roles to play in this mouth watering encounter:

A passionate summary of why this writer wants Barcelona to win:

1. Dani Alves

Sometimes lost in the midst of Iniesta and Messi, Dani Alves is the key to giving width on this team. If Man U play 4-4-2, Park is likely to drift and tried to stifle Iniesta and Xavi so Evra will have his hands full against Alves all game. If Park stays out wide, Alves will have his hands full with Park’s underrated ability.

2. Antonio Valencia

He has Dani Alves’ role but for Man U. Assuming that Man U will play 4-4-2, then Valencia will be the lone source of width to the team. With Rooney’s potential aerial prowess and the possibility of an ageing Puyol playing at left back, the powerful Valencia needs to provide his consistently inviting crosses.

3. Ryan Giggs

Man U will have to rely on preventing Iniesta and Xavi from being to comfortable in the middle and will have to be dangerous on the counter. This describes Giggs’ role in the middle perfectly and he will be key in both the team’s defensive and attacking success. He has a lot to prove after his recent personal issues.

4. David Villa

Barcelona is the only team in the world where a player of Villa’s caliber is being underplayed before a game of this magnitude. Ferguson may prevent Barca having as many chances on goal as some people think, thus Villa’s finishing and his ability to play his best on the biggest stage will be crucial.

5. Gerard Pique

With his history with his opponent, he will be fired up even more. Man U will rely on goals coming from counter attacking and the Valencia-Rooney combination. Pique’s size and strength will be important in handling Rooney’s similar strengths.

6. Javier Hernandez

The game may come down to a few chances for Man U. It will likely be Hernandez with those couple of half-chances and he must take them.

This may be one of the most exciting Champion’s league finals of all time and there is obviously not a single player on the pitch that won’t be crucial in deciding the outcome of the game.

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