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Breaking Numb

THIS STOPS ME FROM COMMITTING SUICIDE BECAUSE…….I enjoy finding nice little poems

Tumor in the cranium
Clearer than mince
Brain fast as I can be
Waves overlapping with different colours

Floating with a numb disposition
Wrapped in an awe of invincibility
Life in slow motion
Babbling against the trinity

Brushing off issues with a distant eye
Picking what I choose to study
sturdy with a crusty filling
Like a ghost speaking herecy

Then my head splits open with an ascending light beam
Now I see inner tears and people looking up to me
K’s bittersweet poetry ain’t always a truth
The first global gulp of air when I smashed out the portable phonebooth

No I don’t have the answer but the cogs are now in place
Why people look down when they walk and why others save face
Self-help adverts and a terminal ladder to climb
Whatever is to come, now I may not be fine. 

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Why I Should Quit Revision

[Guest Writer: 016]

THIS STOPS ME FROM COMMITTING SUICIDE BECAUSE…….because it gives me a reason to give my fancy and expensive degree

Assume: Not Study = Not x Study

Study = Not Fail
Not Study = Fail
Study + Not Study = Fail + Not Fail
Study(Not + 1) = Fail(Not +1)
*cancel out the (not+1)


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6 Reasons To Take Up Parkour

THIS STOPS ME FROM COMITTING SUICIDE BECAUSE…….Parkour is totally rad man…..You like jump buildings and stuff.

[Guest Writer: Pep]

1. It’s fun

You get to jump from wall to wall, improving constantly, with no rules or boundaries. There is no set time to ‘play’ or set place to train. You can set yourself any challenge you please. Complete freedom.

2. It’s good for you

You spend a whole day pushing your physical boundaries without even realising it. You don’t have to be fit or strong to start, parkour makes you strong.

3. It is useful

Skills learnt in parkour not only help you if you need to climb somewhere or escape in a chase. The mentality of overcoming obstacles can be applied to all aspects of life. The majority of traceurs (parkour practitioners) agree that parkour has improved them as a person.

4. There is no competition

You cannot lose in parkour, but every day you improve you are winning. Fellow traceurs will help and encourage you instead of competing against you. Therefore there is always a positive, friendly atmosphere without rivalry or disappointment.

5. It is safe

Many people see traceurs jumping across rooftops and think “they are crazy, they will break their neck!” However, the reality is you are in control of your own movements and you will do the bigger jumps only when you are ready.

6. It’s free!
You don’t need anything but an imagination to start. There is no equipment to buy, no pitch to rent and no team to join (although it is much more enjoyable to train with friends).

And in case you didn’t know, this is parkour:

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