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Breaking Numb

THIS STOPS ME FROM COMMITTING SUICIDE BECAUSE…….I enjoy finding nice little poems

Tumor in the cranium
Clearer than mince
Brain fast as I can be
Waves overlapping with different colours

Floating with a numb disposition
Wrapped in an awe of invincibility
Life in slow motion
Babbling against the trinity

Brushing off issues with a distant eye
Picking what I choose to study
sturdy with a crusty filling
Like a ghost speaking herecy

Then my head splits open with an ascending light beam
Now I see inner tears and people looking up to me
K’s bittersweet poetry ain’t always a truth
The first global gulp of air when I smashed out the portable phonebooth

No I don’t have the answer but the cogs are now in place
Why people look down when they walk and why others save face
Self-help adverts and a terminal ladder to climb
Whatever is to come, now I may not be fine. 

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